Now, you absolutely must have four sponges delivered to your door every month or else the world stops

Kitchen sponges that replace themselves

A dirty kitchen sponge no longer has a place on my ick list
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Break the Mold
Say No to Gross

Say No to Gross

Ugly and smelly no more. Skura’s antimicrobial and fade-to-change technologies ensure that brilliant clean we all crave. Say goodbye forever to sponges past their prime.

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Get Routine Clean

Get Routine Clean

The way to true clean is consistency, and we’re obsessed with keeping up the clean. Skura’s subscription service is an easy, accessible and innovative way to maintain good sponge etiquette and keep your kitchen super fresh.

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Design Matters

Design Matters

Call us crazy, but we love clean. Here’s how Skura is redefining the art of the scrub. With clean Scandinavian design, bold colors and resealable packaging, this sponge looks so good you’ll want to show it off.

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Keep Up The Clean

Live to Scrub

Get your daily scrub fix with a pack of 4 sponges delivered every month for only $12. That’s a beautifully fresh sponge ready to use every. single. week. Swoon.

  • 4 Sponges Every month

Love to Scrub

Kick-start your clean routine with a pack of 4 sponges, perfect for the occasional scrubber, delivered every other month for only $12.

Now that’s brilliant.

  • 4 Sponges every other month

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“Stop using dirty sponges. With a fresh sponge waiting every single week, this will finally be the year you clean up your dish washing routine.”

Real SimpleReal Simple

Skura Tip

Sprinkle your cutting board with coarse salt, then scrub the salt into the board with a cut lemon. Voila!

For those hard to reach nooks, dust your lamp shades with your household lint roller.

Fill your blender halfway with warm water, dish soap and chopped lemon. Spin for a minute, wait 5 and rinse.

Give your grimy pans a soak with a bath of hot water with a touch of baking soda and lemon.

“Meet the smartest sponge on the market. It gets the job done, then tells you when to toss it for a new one. Our kitchen has never been the same.”